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TTF hubs in action in Barcelona

The hub in the Netherlands has been part of an Erasmus+ project DTIPS on bringing design thinking into classrooms. Teach the Future’s role is to also infuse some futures thinking into this process. Erica Bol and Els Dragt have been working on behalf of TTF on this innovative project with partners from various European countries.

Part of the DTIPS event team.

The final event of the project was held in Barcelona and we collaborated with the Spanish hub by having Lourdes Rodriguez at the event to provide a keynote on futurizing education. The event was visited by various education professionals from teachers to school directors.

Lourdes Rodriguez starting her talk.

Watch the video of the plenary part of the event, which is partly in Catalan, Spanish and English. You can watch Lourdes in action around 23 minutes. In the last 45 minutes teachers from various countries share their experiences with using design thinking in their classrooms.

We are now in the midst of finetuning the last details of a toolkit to get design thinking in your primary school classrooms. It will be released officially in September so stay tuned!



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