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Follow live: World Futures Day - Young voices 2022

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Today, March 1st 2022 is World Future Day, initiated originally by Humanity+ and Millennium Project. The idea is a 24-hour online worldwide conversation to make sure young people are also part of the conversation Teach the Future facilitates the Young Voices. In the end, it is their future we are all talking about.

Make yourself heard in your local timezone on World Futures Day - Young voices in your local timezone. Join the live conversation via this button


Global Futures Times Newspaper

Make your voice count on World Futures Day - Young voices. Inspire other with how you want the world to look like in the year 2050. Let us know how you solved the challenges of today when you look back as a mayor of your local town, a business person, a teacher or as a scientist.

You can hoover over the world map and read the stories from around the world.

Do you also want to become a Futures reporter and have your story in the global Futures Times Newspaper? It's easy. Just submit it via the button below and we will add it via the form. We refresh every 3 hours so keep an eye on the global map for your story and share it with your friends and family!


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