World Future Day

Young Voices


World Future Day is held every year on March 1st to spark a global conversation on the future. 



World Future Day is initiated originally by Humanity+ and Millennium Project. They organize a 24-hour online worldwide conversation during this day.

We want to make sure young people are also part of the conversation. In the end, it is their future we are all talking about.



Want to hear future visions of youngsters and chat together about the future? Then join our online session(s) all day round on March 1st. We are hosting the following time-zones:

12:30 Kuwait AST (UTC +3) - in Arabic

10:00 Sao Paolo, Brasil BRT (UTC -1) - in Portugese (please register here)

16:00 Netherlands & Spain & Belgium CET (UTC -4) - in English

18:00 Europe CET (UTC -5) - in English (please register here)

09:00 Washington, USA (UTC -5) - in English (please login here)

12:00 Mexico City, Mexico CST (UTC -6) - in Spanish

15:00 Houston, USA CST (UTC -9) - in English

15:00 San Francisco, USA PST (UTC -11) - in English

16:00 San Francisco, USA PST (UTC -12) - in English


You can register via this Zoom link for all time-zones and join in any time (when another link is used it is mentioned above).



Not able to join but interested to start developing futures thinking skills? Take a look at this set of Future Cards. They are created by the Finnish Team of Finland Futures Research Center, Tulevaisuuskoulu and Futures Specialist Helsinki. Teach the Future community members translated them in various languages. Download them now for free!



This day is made possible by working together with partners from all over the world that support young people and their future. If you want to join forces and host a time-zone as well, check here for more info.



Make sure to block World Future Day on March 1st in your calendar for the coming years, so you’ll never miss out!