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Support Communities Affected - Devastating Earthquake Struck the Southern Part of Turkey and Syria

Dear TTF Global Community,

We are deeply saddened by the heartbreaking and devastating earthquake which struck the southern part of Turkey and Syria. It caused extensive damage and tens of thousands of people lost their lives and have been injured.

Unfortunately, as of today, more than 41,000 dead bodies have been found in the piles of rubbles. Nobody knows yet how many people have lost their lives during the immense quakes and local and foreign rescuers are racing to pull survivors from beneath the devastation after the fifth day. People in the region face bitterly cold winter conditions, as well as electricity, water and gas outages and the fear of continuing aftershocks. The toll of the lost and injured lives is expected to rise much higher because of the region’s high population density, particularly among the number of Syrian refugees. The magnitude 7.8 and 7.7 quakes are classified as major on the Richter scale. Among the buildings destroyed was Gaziantep Castle in Turkey, an historic landmark that has stood for 2,200 years.

All help is needed right now and there are many (local) organizations and initiatives by individuals with families from the affected regions in The Netherlands who are sending the necessary support and supplies with trucks. There is an urgent need for financial support (credit card, bank transfers and also crypto transfers are possible) and medical, healthcare supplies as well as dry food and water.

We need to be in solidarity and also the support from the global community of (youth) leaders and changemakers is very much needed now. Underneath you can find ways in which can help. It would be very helpful if we can keep working together on adding on the international, national opportunities in your respective countries for sending financial help and supplies as well as local initiatives (of the people in your wider communities with directly affected family members in the regions that are hit) who might have set up local ways to support through trustworthy sources. Especially organizing and ensuring that relief support reaches Syria is a challenge. If you have any ideas about how to enhance visibility on the most effective ways to help through trustworthy sources, pleas let us know. Underneath you can also find some ways to help. Thank you for your valuable support, every bit helps now!!!

Our heart goes out to everyone affected by this largest disaster of the last century


Teach The Future Global- Türkiye Node

In solidarity with our international community of changemakers:

Organizations in Turkey to send support:

- Ahbap Association (a reliable and well-known NGO in Turkey working on immediate relief for people affected in the region, if you would like to donate here is their info with EUR and US

- Akut (an independent voluntary Search & Rescue Association in Turkey, they send people and resources directly to the affected areas. Donations can be done with EUR and USD accounts):

- AFAD (Disaster And Emergency Management Presidency):

- For Syrian Relief efforts: For Syrian relief efforts it is more complicated to ensure that the relief support reaches those affected directly, yet many have recommended as an organization that has a long and established history of effective work.

- İnternational Blue Crescent for relief efforts in Turkey & Syria:

And various international crowdsource campaigns:

Original Source: Email sent by Teach The Future Global- Türkiye Node



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