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K-12 school in Turkey sets example on Futures Thinking in education

GEN Koleji is a network of private K-12 schools in Istanbul, Turkey. This school is one of the first to institutionalize futures thinking as part of its regular curriculum. Some teachers teach foresight mostly in college because they have discretion compared to K-12 teachers. Even at that, few institutions, K-12 or college, have adopted futures thinking as a regular part of their curriculum. But after one year, GEN Koleji has done just that.

How the journey begun

The school started its journey to include futures in their curriculum in December 2020. Teach the Future offered training on teaching futures to a half dozen teachers, four of whom taught foresight to the 5th and 9th grade in the Spring semester of 2021. They used the Futures Thinking Playbook. They got through only half of it given the difficulty of teaching online last year so they are going to finish the Playbook this semester.

What does institutionalizing Futures Thinking look like in school?

What is more, the school held a professional development conference during the break between semesters. All the teachers attended a session on foresight taught by members of the Turkish Futures Association, and most of them opted for a second session taught by the teachers from last year. The evaluations of those sessions were rated overall at 4.5 on a 5-point scale. Now they are going to teach more than 170 students in the 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th grades this semester.

That’s what institutionalizing futures thinking looks like.

Congratulations to our colleagues in Istanbul –

Thank you. You are setting the example that many schools will follow.

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