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Celebrate Futures Day on March 1!

Celebrate Futures Day on March 1st

Futures Day is a worldwide theme day aimed at sparking global, national and local conversations about the futures people around the globe desire and fear. Teach the Future supports Futures Day because it is a fun opportunity to create awareness about futures in schools.

Futures Day aims to make possible futures more visible and strengthening individuals’ future awareness. Join the world’s largest conversation on futures on March 1, 2019. Start your own local initiative or join one in your neighborhood, country, region or a global one.

DOWNLOAD FREE MATERIALS Materials to stimulate conversations in your classroom can be downloaded in various languages over here. These materials are developed by the Finnish Team of Finland Futures Research Center, Tulevaisuuskoulu, Futures Specialist Helsinki and translated in various languages by the Teach the Future community members.

JOIN EVENTS OF LOCAL HUBS Teach the Future has local hubs in 16 countries worldwide and counting. Here's a sample what some of our local partners are organising on Futures Day: - Finland: The Fins have been able to get a lot of partners aboard for the 2019 edition, such as the National Board of Education, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Sitra – the National Innovation Fund, and many others. You can find more info over here. - Brazil: Our Brazilian partners are organising an event in Sao Paulo. It includes talks & discussions by futurist and education specialists. More info via Eventbrite. - Germany: Our German collaborators are organising a live session on Futures Day via Facebook & Instagram. Read more on their Facebook event page or via Medium. JOIN A 24H ROUND-THE-WORLD CONVERSATION Teach the Future is also collaborating on a 24-hour round the world conversation hosted by the Millennium Project, a think-thank of futurists. Beginning March 1st in New Zealand at 12 noon (February 28th 6 pm Washington, DC time) the global conversation will begin and move each hour to the next time zone. You can sign in via Google Hangouts at 12.00 noon your time to join a local conversation. WANT TO PARTICIPATE ON #FUTURESDAY? Let us know about your classroom initiative and use #futuresday so we can add it to the list and publish it via our site and social media channels. Mail us for questions, suggestions, your activity etc. on Share any pictures, videos, boomerangs and so on with us please, we love to see what's happening on March 1st at your part of the earth.

Thank you for collaborating on Futures Day!



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