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Teach the Future, in collaboration with The Millennium Project launched the Young Voices WFD-YV

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

World Futures Day (WFD) is hosted every year on March 1st by The Millennium Project in collaboration with others to spark a global conversation on the future. This was the tenth edition of their 24-hour around the world conversation about our common futures! Teach the Future, in collaboration with The Millennium Project and with the support of many partners and friends, launched the Young Voices version of World Futures Day on March 1st, 2021 to make sure young people are part of this conversation

The event was hosted on Zoom and streamed Live on YouTube. On March 1st 2023, conversations with young people about the future took place starting at 17:00 (5pm) evening in Auckland Aotearoa NZ all the way around the world ending in Honolulu US 17:00 (5pm) evening the next day. The conversations included sparkling ideas, interesting perspectives. The many great conversations were optimistic and hopeful and exhibited an awareness of and a desire to create beautiful futures.

Numbers at a glance:

  • Tickets: over 450 tickets

  • Over 100 young voices under the age of 25 registered

  • The leading age group is between ages 26-34 followed by our youth 15-25 year olds

  • Those born in 1997 (26 years of age) were the largest age group of participants

  • Our youngest participants were born in 2012 (11 years of age)

  • Our oldest participant was born 1947 (76 years of age)

  • Ethiopia had the largest registered participants at about 68 closely followed by Brazil about 54 registered participants

  • Over 50 countries participated with about 65 event volunteer facilitators from all over the world



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