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5 Reasons for Youth to Apply for the The Next Generation Foresight Practitioner - Young Voices (NGFP-YV) Awards

Updated: Mar 27

The Next Generation Foresight Practitioner - Young Voices (NGFP-YV) Awards aim to amplify the voices of young changemakers from around the world. Organized by Teach the Future and the School of International Futures, this annual competition recognizes outstanding youth leaders aged 12-17 who are pursuing future-focused projects to create positive change. With applicants from over 40 countries spanning six continents, the NGFP-YV Awards provide a global platform for young innovators to showcase their solutions to pressing issues and embody futures thinking.

Reason 1: Gain Recognition for Your Innovative Ideas

The NGFP-YV Awards celebrate the creativity, compassion, and proactive spirit of young leaders worldwide. By applying, you have the opportunity to gain recognition for your innovative ideas and efforts to build a better future. Whether you're tackling environmental sustainability, promoting social empowerment, or leveraging technology for good, your project can inspire others and demonstrate the power of youth voice.

Reason 2: Connect with a Global Network of Changemakers

As an applicant, you'll join a vibrant community of passionate young individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared commitment to creating positive change. This global network of changemakers provides invaluable opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and cross-cultural exchange, empowering you to learn from and support one another's journeys.

Reason 3: Gain a Platform to Share Your Ideas and Insights

The NGFP-YV Awards offer more than just recognition; they provide a valuable platform for you to share your ideas and insights with a broader audience. Winners and finalists have the opportunity to present their projects at various events hosted by adults, conferences, and forums, allowing you to have a seat at the table and contribute your unique perspectives. Empowers you to influence decision-makers, inspire others, and advocate for the changes you wish to see in the world.

Reason 4: Develop Future-Ready Skills

By participating in the NGFP-YV Awards, you'll enhance your futures thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, and capacity for innovation – competencies that are increasingly valuable in today's rapidly changing world. The application process itself fosters critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication, preparing you to navigate uncertainty and shape your preferred futures.

Reason 5: Inspire and Empower Your Peers

As a young leader, your participation in the NGFP-YV Awards can serve as a powerful inspiration for your peers. By sharing your story and showcasing your commitment to creating positive change, you can motivate and empower other youth to believe in their ability to make a difference, catalyzing a wave of positive action.

The NGFP-YV Awards present a remarkable opportunity for global youth to amplify their voices, connect with a supportive network, gain valuable recognition and mentorship, develop future-ready skills, and inspire others to join the movement for a better world. By applying, you become part of a transformative journey that empowers young changemakers to shape an inclusive, sustainable future. Don't miss this chance to showcase your innovative spirit and make a lasting impact – apply for the NGFP-YV Awards today!

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