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World Futures Day - Young Voices Garners APF IF AWARD Honorable Mention

Teach the Future is excited to congratulate Lisa Giuliani, Amna Habiba, and Peter Bishop for the Honorable Mention of their project, World Futures Day - Young Voices by the Association of Professional Futurists IF Award 2023. The ‘IF’ in IF Awards stands for all those asking the What if question.

The Association of Professional Futurists was created 20 years ago as an organization for foresight professionals who were emerging as professional futurists with degrees from universities around the world.  Two objectives in its mission have been to promote the continued development of professional foresight and to represent the field to the public.  The IF Awards, formerly called the Most Significant Futures Works (MSFW), serves both of those objectives by identifying the best examples of professional foresight in nine “I” categories over the last three years.  

Teach the Future is delighted to receive an Honorable Mention for involving young people in World Futures Day – Young Voices, a 24-hour, around-the-world conversation about the future.

Last year’s recap video:

About World Futures Day - Young Voices (WFD-YV)

In partnership with the Millennium Project’s World Future Day (WFD), Teach the Future has sponsored an intergenerational dialogue on March 1, World Future Day, in the 24 time zones of the world for the last three years.

Because of its commitment to young people and to intergenerational dialogue, Teach the Future made two important modifications to the Millennium Project model:

  • Teach the Future explicitly recruited two facilitators from different generations – one who was 25 years or younger and the other 25 years or older.  

  • Teach the Future scheduled its sessions at 5 pm (1700) in each time zone so students in school during the day could participate. 

The results from 2023 WFD-YV are –

  • YV discussions were held in all 24 time zones for the first time.

  • Registrations came from 54 countries.

  • Over 100 young voices under the age of 25 registered. 

  • The largest age group was 26-34, followed by youth 15-25.

  • Participants discussed sustainability, technology, education, food systems, and other topics based on the local context. 

  • Youth emphasized democratizing futures thinking through media and education, creating safe spaces for plural narratives, and embracing imagination.

Ultimately, hearing diverse young voices is vital for creating inclusive futures. After all, they have more future ahead than adults do, and more time for the challenges to today be mitigated and resolved or not. 

To that end, this global platform enhances empathy, critical hope, and collective agency to transform mindsets and policies that shape the future for youth and others.

Download the full free report here.

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