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The Future is Bright: Reflecting on an Inspiring World Futures Day - Young Voices

The World Futures Day may be over, but the conversations will continue to spread.

Let's keep dreaming together of the world we wish to see, and then let’s continue to show up for ourselves and make it happen.

As we heard in the closing session, drawing from principles of Zen Buddhism, the discussion and serene meditations, navigated how to create the conditions for presence, joy, and relationships with new futures.

We want to extend deep gratitude to the entire World Futures Day community who made this vision a reality:

- Our 60+ volunteers spent countless hours planning, promoting, moderating, and supporting behind-the-scenes

- Our 17 partner organizations, without whom this would not have been possible 

- Our donors and sponsors who generously funded this nonprofit initiative

- Our Core team, and those who shared footage for our Vision 2050 Video Collage

- Most of all, the incredible lineup of speakers/facilitators, performers, hosts, and attendees filled the day with optimism, pessimism, intergenerational wisdom, and purpose.

In 24 power-packed hours, we explored critical issues like indigenous knowledge systems, quantum cryptography, youth empowerment, education innovation, civic participation, women's leadership, and much more through panels, workshops, scenario exercises, games, and open dialogue.

Some highlights included...

The intergenerational dialogues were a cornerstone of the day. We learned about one young leader's journey on interning and then working for NASA, teenage activists brainstorm with UN consultants, and human rights futures by exploring policy making, law making, leadership, AI, and education.. These conversations illuminated issues from multiple lenses while fostering mutual understanding and inspiration.  

Sam Wixon and Alice Dimond from Tokona te Raki in New Zealand, led us through their indigenous social innovation framework for creating equitable systems. We also heard from pioneering ocean technologist Cesar Jung-Harada on building sustainable ocean futures. Students from St. Peters School in Barcelona guided us through the futures literacy topics they've been exploring this semester. 

We were also thrilled to announce the launch of our Vision 2050 Video Collage, inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to share their hopes, ideas, and solutions for the next 25+ years. We look forward to premiering this crowdsourced mosaic of global perspectives. 

We hope you'll join us again next year! In the meantime, stay tuned for more initiatives, collaborations, and positive change from this global community as we build bridges today for a thriving tomorrow.

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Again, thanks so much and let's keep growing the futures thinking movement!

Lisa + Amna

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