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Upcoming Webinar hosted by UNICEF Innocenti’s Youth Foresight Work

Hello! UNICEF Innocenti’s youth foresight work are thrilled to come to you today with an event you might enjoy. On this Saturday, Apr 08th, the UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellows are organising a webinar to kick off the #OurFuturePledge campaign, sharing key insights gathered in the past 6 months and inviting you to join the movement.. Sign up here

if you...

  • want to learn about the latest work of our Youth Foresight Fellows and contribute to it;

  • want to get to know people from around the world and engage in a stimulating thought-process;

  • want to learn what futures thinking / foresight is about or already have experience in this field;

  • want to learn more about and lead the #OurFuturePledge campaign in your community

What we'll do and why: As part of our programme, we’re bringing together a diverse group of young people to design and shape the future they want. With this in mind, the fellows are on a mission to promote greater youth access and inclusion to foresight. This is why they created the #OurFuturePledge campaign. In this webinar, you will learn more about youth foresight, how this campaign was made, and how to get involved. Who is invited: This is a webinar by youth and for youth, but anyone interested in foresight and youth engagement that wants to learn more about the #OurFuturePledge campaign should join us! Sign up via this link now & feel free to drop us a message if you have any questions! Sincerely, Shai Naides Youth Engagement Manager UNICEF Innocenti Global Office of Research & Foresight



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