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A call for Judges for the Next Generation Foresight Practitioners - Young Voices Awards (NGFP-YV)

Updated: May 3

As we prepare for the 2024 Next Generation Foresight Practitioner - Young Voices (NGFP-YV) awards, we need your help to participate as a judge for the NGFP-YV awards, and we encourage you to recruit a friend or colleague to serve as a judge as well.

A Call for Judges

Judging requires approximately 6-8 hours of your time, and the process begins shortly after the application deadline of June 30, 2024, continuing through mid-August. Can we count on you? And someone you know who would be willing to contribute their expertise and help select the best proposals, please sign up by

What judges are saying

Meeting young people through their work, getting to know them through their philosophy and mindset, makes me believe in a better world.

 I am grateful for the opportunity to meet so many fascinating people.”

Amalia, Greece

"I was honored to be a part of the NGFP Young Voices - award judge group for the second year in a row. The judging experience has shown me in a concrete way how young people aim to make our world a better place for future generations -  these young people really do make the change happen in their respective fields. This is a wonderful thing to witness when young people take leadership and responsibility for their future into their own hands."

Kristiina, Finland

Have you browsed last years NGFP-YV Awards Impacts Report? 

You can download it here:



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