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The UN Sustainable Development Goals and Futures

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The youth are agents of change. They are instrumental in the survival of our planet and with their actions they will determine the economic, political and societal conditions the world will face in the decades to come. They need to be futures conscious, aware of the possibilities the future provides to positively and productively contribute to creating the future the world needs.

Tom Lombardo (Lombardo, 2009), well known for his work on future consciousness, defines it as “the human capacity to have thoughts, feelings, and goals about the future”. It includes the normal human capacities to anticipate, imagine, and think about the future, to have hopes and fears about the future, and to have desires, set goals, and make plans for the future”. Lombardo further explains that it includes humans’ ability to evaluate and choose between various future possibilities and to solve problems of the future.

Sustainable development goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, represent many of the world’s future challenges and opportunities.

A youth population suffering ill health, that is not educated (or sufficiently educated) and are mostly unemployed, present innumerable challenges to their respective countries and communities. The consequences might even be dire, such as the incidents of social unrest in the Arab world in 2011 (YOUTH AND THE 2030 AGENDA FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WORLD YOUTH REPORT, 2018).

Teaching for a sustainable future

The SDGs represent a framework for targeted interventions.

  • By teaching the youth about the SDGs, we create awareness of the interconnectedness of the World, nations, people and systems.

  • Understanding and empathy for fellow humans, inspire the youth to take up challenges and make a difference in their families, communities and countries.

Teach the Future believes that every young person can develop agency, not to be victims of change, but rather to be change-makers and influence, for the better, the World in our Futures. All efforts are encouraged, whether it is making sure that girls attend school, that vulnerable people are cared for or that water is treated with reverence.

Young voices

The youth has an important role in ensuring the sustainability of the human race, they bring new unbounded thinking to society, question old beliefs and traditions and constantly seek new and better ways of doing things. Teach the Future believes that by understanding change and its impact on our Word, we can provide the youth safe spaces to think freely.



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