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News from Teach the Future Belgium's HUB

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Each month Teach the Futures Global Hubs meet and share their projects, insights and converse about future thinking. In July 2023, Thomas D'Hooge, Belgium HUB director, took the time to share all his work related with including futures thinking in education and his exciting plans for futures projects, like a Futures Festival in Belgium: FUTUROTOPIA!

This discussion included ways Thomas' students are exploring the future during the eSociety course at Hogeschool VIVES. One of the project he explained, consisted on writing 28 short scifi stories to explore the societal implications of the internet in the #future. This series of non-fiction stories, are available to read through this free, downloadable link.

Thomas encourages students to raise the bar and learn and explore new ways to share, develop tools and produce results from their ideas.

Watch the video to learn more about all the projects the Belgium HUB is creating and get inspired!


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