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New Futures Program for Elementary Students in Breda, Netherlands

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Erica Bol leads elementary students in an exercise developed by Teach The Future. 

In the Dutch city of Gemeente Breda, ambassadors of Teach the Future joined forces with creative incubator PakhuisB and set-up an educational package for elementary school teachers.

Within a timeframe of 6 weeks, teachers can engage their pupils actively in thinking about their feelings and visions of the future. This approach inspires pupils to take an active part in creating their preferred future. Check out video footage of a session over here:…

In addition, Teach the Future & PakhuisB, inspired by and in cooperation with the Trendrede team, also organized a ‘KinderTrendRede’ in Breda. This is an event where a panel of selected pupils of various Breda based schools will present the future visions of all schools combined to the citizens of Breda. These pupils will show Breda what kind of future they want to live in.

Want to organize lessons or a similar event in your city or country? Please contact Erica Bol for more information:

Dutch children share their ideas from an exercise by Teach The Future.



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