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Meet the NGFP - YV 2022 Judges

THANK YOU for supporting this year's Next Generations Foresight Practitioners - Young Voices (NGFP-YV) Awards. This year, we received over 114 submissions, from young voices across the globe, living in 32 countries. We are truly lucky to have you as a champion and judge. We appreciate the energy, attention and care that you bring to this endeavour, and for that a big heartfelt thank you from the NGFP team.

Congratulations again to our Top 10 winners and now together lets also thank and congratulate our spread of international judges:

Michele Chaboudy, USA

Epaminondas Christophilopoulos, Greece

Thayani Costa, Brazil

Kristiina Paju, Finland

Nicole Baker Rosa, USA

Austin Wiggins, USA

Amalia Georgelou, Greece

Koen Vegter, Netherlands

Nisreen Lahham, Egypt

April Michele, USA

Pilar Blazquez, Spain

Sabine Lehmann South Africa

Sandra Martinez Polo, Spain

Fernanda Miguel, Brazil

Julio Vicente Perez Infante, Mexico


Marty Resnick, USA

"For me I enjoyed judging as it presented me with some pretty hard hitting quotes from these incredible participants. The one that struck me today was "we think we are modern but we are not". That hit home to me. "

Vice President, Analyst on Gartner's Technology Innovation team, based in Atlanta, GA (USA). Mr. Resnick's primary focus areas are Continuous Foresight, Futurism, Innovation, Design Thinking, Human Augmentation, Immersive Experiences, Metaverse, and the selection, recommendation, and implementation of strategic emerging technologies through trendspotting, tech radars, and the emerging tech wheel.

Riley McCullough, Australia

I’m a designer, strategist, and researcher with an ambition to create a better world. My experience has allowed me to explore complex problems spanning the humanitarian sector, municipal governance, environmental sustainability, and the built environment, with projects on four continents. Along the way, I’ve developed skills in human-centred design, strategic foresight, and innovation consulting.

In all my work, I’m committed to participatory human-centred design practices and incorporating multiple perspectives – the future cannot and should not be designed in a silo.

I love making new connections and am always happy to grow my network, so please reach out. Let’s connect and create!

Mustafa Aykut, PhD Turkey

- Executive Board Member of ETNO (European Telecommunication Networks Operators) Association

- Policy Board Chairman of SAMENA (South Asia-Middle East-North Africa) Telecommunications Council - He serves as the Official Contact to ETSI and the Focal Point to all ITU-Sectors. He was a member of the Executive Management Committee, the Chairman of the Health Policy WG and a Member of the Regulatory Advisory Group at GSMA in the period of 2003-2006



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