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Learnings from A National Strategy for the Next Generations

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Teach the Future is delighted to partner with SOIF on a National Strategy for the Next Generations (NSxNG); We worked with Our Community Futures Youth fellows introducing them to Futures Thinking led by our very own Peter Bishop.

The National Strategy for Next Generations (NSxNG) is an joint initiative of SOIF and coalition partners exploring how listening and visioning exercises with young and diverse communities can connect to formal national strategic planning policy processes. During this event shared learnings from the NSxNG programme on how to use transformative foresight to empower local changemakers, weave productive dialogues in local communities and to connect these conversations into the heart of government.


  • Lord Peter Ricketts, former chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee

  • Sophie Howe, The first Welsh Commissioner for Future Generations

  • Richard Fisher, Editor at BBC future and Author of The Long View

  • As well as next generation representatives and members of the NSxNG coalition.

It is an opportunity to join a collective journey to put foresight and next generation voices at the heart of national policy making. Background to NSxNG This event builds on our 2020 NSxNG pilot programme that fed into the UK integrated review - see here for our contribution to the UK's integrated review. The programme was discussed in the UK's JCNSS report on The UK's national security machinery, to which we were invited to contribute at an inquiry session in June 2021. Our 2021 activity focused on connecting cohorts of Next Generation Champions and their local communities to these discussions, including a focus on the future of UK international cooperation conversations in the UK. See here for future artefacts made with young people about futures of the international development ecosystem. As we plan for a new programme in 2023, this meeting will refresh this network that looks to build connections between UK citizens and national strategy communities over a four year programme.

About The School of International Futures (SOIF) The School of International Futures is a global non-profit collective of practitioners who want to create a better, fairer and more sustainable world for current and future generations. We help to make organisations future-ready, and we build networks of practitioners to create the capacity to build better futures. SOIF was founded in 2012. It is headquartered in London and operates globally, using diverse teams to work with organisations and communities to make change for the better. Learn more about SOIF

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