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World Futures Day - Young Voices 22'

World Futures Day - Young Voices

Short report

By Lisa Giuliani & Peter Bishop

World Futures Day is held every year on March 1st to spark a global conversation on the future. We want to make sure young people are also part of the conversation. In the end, it is their future we are talking about. As a result, Teach the Future, in collaboration with the Millennium Project and along other partners and friends, initiated the Young Voices version of World Futures day.

24 hour conversations about the future

March 1st is World Futures Day- Young Voices. The event was hosted on Zoom and streamed Live on YouTube. On March 1st 2022, conversations with young people about the future took place starting at 12:00 Noon in Tokyo all the way around the world ending in Hawaii around 1:00 pm the next day. The conversations included sparkling ideas, interesting perspectives. The many great conversations were optimistic and hopeful and exhibited an awareness of and a desire to create beautiful futures.

Couldn’t join online? Want to know what they discussed? See the summaries below. We hope to retrieve our 24-hour Live Stream on Youtube and publish it soon. You can also check out previous conversations online via YouTube.

You can also find us on Discord for post event conversations and more!

We invite you to write a blog or a recap of your event experience with suggestions and learnings. You can then post them on our website here: World Futures Day - Young Voices Group.

See the full recap report here or in the attached PDF

22_ WFD-YV summary report
Download PDF • 1.22MB



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