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Welcome to the Future—This Week In Paris

This week from 25th – 27th of October 2023 is the 25th World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) World Conference in Paris, France, celebrating WFSF’s 50th anniversary. The conference itself is accompanied by parallel events online from November 23 through 28.

WFSF is longest-running futures organization in the world. It is also a UNESCO and UN consultative partner with members in over 60 countries. Their mission brings together academics, researchers, practitioners, students and futures-focused institutions. WFSF offers a forum for stimulation, exploration and exchange of ideas, visions, and plans for alternative futures, through long-term, big-picture thinking and radical change.

“People had been thinking about the future for several hundred years before Futures Studies organized itself into a conscious community of futurists and foresight practitioners in the 1960s and 70s. We can credit the World Futures Studies Federation and the late World Future Society for that achievement. The Federation has been the voice of a new, postmodern way of approaching the future throughout that time, both within the field and beyond. The futures field would not be at all close to where it is now without their consistent and persistent support…”—Peter Bishop, Teach the Future Global Director

Teach the Future is excited to participate in the conference on many levels. Rosa Alegria, the Director of Teach the Future’s Hub in Brasil, is a member of WFSF’s Executive Board. She will be presenting several talks. Alethia Montero Baena, Teach the Future’s Mexico Hub Director and a WFSF Executive Board Member, will attend and present virtually.

Also attending the conference will be Lourdes Rodriguez, Global Hub Coordinator for Teach the Future, and Thomas D’hooge from Belgium and Diana Stafi from Romania.

Free Online Talks

Teach the Future is hosting two panel discussions. Peter Bishop, Teach the Future Global Director will moderate the intergenerational session on October 27, while

Lisa Giuliani, Global Youth Project Director, will be moderating a presentation on October 26, “From imagination to action: how young voices are changing the world” with past Next Generation Foresight Practitioner Award Winners, Amna Habiba (from Pakistan, now at the University of Toronto), Tia Aftab (also from Pakistan, now at UC-Berkeley), Luciana (Peru), Angel Andrea (Peru), Diya and Sahithi (India). Also participating is this year's NGFP winner, Andrew Kiviri (Uganda) and his team. These presentations are free and available online. Get details and register for free here.

Live in Paris

Here is a glimpse of what Rosa Alegria is presenting at her live presentation from 10-11am on Thursday October 25, 2023 (Paris time)—


Exploring Futures in Schools for Children and Adolescents: Unleashing the Power of Futures Thinking

This presentation aims to shed light on the significance of integrating futures

studies into the educational curriculum for children and adolescents. By

engaging young minds in exploring the concept of future and encouraging

futures thinking, we can equip them with essential skills and tools necessary

for navigating the complexities of an ever-changing world.

The introduction delves into the intriguing concept children's innate futures

thinking potential, emphasizing how they possess the ability to project

themselves into the future and envision various possibilities. It also

underlines the importance of futures tools, by using the Houston Framework

as an effective means to develop and nurture futures thinking skills among

the youths and to promote creativity and collaboration in the classroom.

Some findings will be explored not only to demonstrate the potential of

futures studies but also serve as an inspiration for educators and

policymakers worldwide. We will also present first adaptations for young

people of the Futures Consciousness Scale indicators developed by the

University of Turku, Finland.

From experiences conducted by the Teach the Future movement in Brazil as

well as in other parts of the world, the involvement of teachers and parents

in the learning experiences is a pivotal factor in the success of futures

literacy in primary and secondary schools.

Faced by radical uncertainty of these liminal times, futures literacy

integrated into the primary education ecosystems can transform fear into

enchantment and help strengthen human agency towards the creation of

preferred futures.

More About World Futures Studies Federation

WFSF has been holding World Conferences around the globe for 50 years in such diverse places as: France, Norway, Germany, former Yugoslavia, Poland, Egypt, Sweden, Costa Rica, USA, China, Hungary, Spain, Finland, Kenya, Australia, the Philippines, Romania, Japan, and Mexico.

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