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The Next Generation Foresight Practitioner - Young Voices Award 2023

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

The Next Generation Foresight Practitioner (NGFP) Fellowship and Young Voices awards supports the next generation's will.

It was in 2021 that the School of International Futures (SOIF) partnered with Teach the Future (TTF) and introduced the NGFP - Young Voices awards edition, specifically focused on bringing fresh and diverse views from youth into the foresight profession. Through the NGFP Fellowship and Young Voices awards, SOIF alongside TTF seeks to reshape the field by empowering the next generation of practitioners historically excluded from foresight conversations. The program provides a pathway for young people and marginalized communities to advance in the field and apply foresight to create more equitable futures.

To learn more about the NGFP fellowship network see their announcement on the new 2023 cohort!

This year, collectively we received over 1,100 expressions of interest and 364 final submissions. Teach the Future received 84 of those submissions from young people aged 12-17.

This is in huge part thanks to our judges, funders, partners, supporters, advocates and the extended community of NGFP who helped to promote and share news of the Fellowship and Young Voices Awards far and wide throughout the campaign.

First Place Winners: Andrew Kiviiri, Christine Adikin, Joseline Kanyunyuzi, Annet Ajambo, & Daniella Nambalirwa. Uganda Community Book Clinics : Literacy Champions promoting literacy at a community level in Uganda

Young Voices Profile & Themes

The Young Voices Awards received submissions from young changemakers across the globe, reflecting our next generation diverse and global perspectives shaping our future.

Out of the 450 youth that registered 84 of them completed and submitted their application. Our judges had the difficult task of choosing Young Voices Winners this year, selecting youth for their outstanding project proposals, passion for their sector and use of futures thinking. 30 Young Voice Projects were recognized from all around the world.

60% of entries came from youth ages 15-17, and almost 20% were remarkably from youth 12 years of age.

Spanning over 40 countries, projects flowed in from Nigeria to Nepal, Egypt to Brazil, and beyond. . . Project ideas from building compost solutions in New Zealand or empowering girls in Pakistan, youth foresight links to local needs but thinks globally.

Youth from around the world are taking action to create positive change in their communities. From Uganda to Kazakhstan, young leaders are launching initiatives to advance education, empower women, protect the environment, and more. In Peru, students are being trained in leadership and design thinking. Girls in India are tackling e-waste through recycling. Teens in the UK are promoting youth voice and peacebuilding. Youth in Brazil are providing educational opportunities in underserved areas, while students in Tanzania are bringing clean water to villages. Young people in the US are leveraging technology like AI to reduce microplastics. Across the globe, youth are coming together through partnerships and collaborations to build a more just, sustainable, and equitable future for all. Learn more about their commitment and passion NGFP-YV Award Winners 2023

The diverse project descriptions reveal prevalent themes centering on sustainability, STEM innovation, equality and inclusion, education, health, economic opportunity, food production, conservation, civic participation, marginalized group empowerment, and poverty alleviation solutions.

We asked Peter Bishop to share his thoughts on this years youth projects

"Older generations always worry about whether young people are capable of meeting the challenge of their future. This year’s cohort of Young Voices puts that worry to rest because these young people are just fine! Indeed, they are better than fine because they are aware, they are creative, and they are committed, at such a young age, to work for a better future for themselves, their families, their communities and for the world as a whole. Rather than worry, let’s thank them for doing what they do and for taking the time to share what they do." - Peter

What's next

Our Young Voices Awards recognized winners will receive peer support from the Young Voices Network powered by Teach the Future to help realize their future-focused project and catapult their idea into action

The NGFP Network exists to accelerate the transformative potentials of the next generation of change-makers and future-alert activists using foresight as a key tool to envision inclusive and equitable futures globally. We advocate for their integral role in agenda-setting and connect them with today’s decision-makers at the highest levels.

Besides its fellows, NGFP also welcomes other applicants that, despite not being selected by the judges to receive an award, have future-focused projects and hold a vision for a better, fairer, and more equitable world. They become part of the NGFP Sensing Network, one of the largest global networks of next-generation future-alert activists around the world, with more than 800 members in over 80 countries across six continents. Together, the network makes a collaborative community of practice for engaging on key global issues with the ultimate aim of democratising the futures field. Follow NGFP on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

SOIF is a not-for-profit collective doing strategy, planning, and policy for future generations. We create foresight with impact by putting at the heart of our design the respect for complexity, purpose, social justice, and participation. We facilitate learning, connection, and innovation for and with emerging foresight practitioners around the world. The NGFP Network and Fellowship are SOIF's initiatives.

Teach the Future teaches futures-thinking skills to students and educators worldwide. Their aspiration is to prepare students to navigate uncertainty and shape their preferred futures. They operate as a global network of advocates incorporating futures thinking into classrooms. The network includes country Hubs where participants pursue local opportunities, and a Young Voices Network to empower youth. By building critical futures thinking skills, Teach the Future aims to help young people understand trends, imagine possibilities, and determine their futures.



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