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Teach the Future News for Winter 2018

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Our network of educators and advocators is growing all the time. Teach the Future now has hubs in India & Mexico too! The enthusiastic community members are piloting and experimenting with futures related teaching materials in their classes and workshops. Luckily, they are eager to share their experiences so you can learn and get inspired by the Teach the Future community.

So read on if you want to hear more about:

Want to kickstart a TTF Hub in your country? Contact us at


Save the Date: Futures Day

Futures Day is yearly international theme day on March 1, initiated by the Millennium Project to raise general futures awareness worldwide. This international Futures Day is little known yet and we are going to change that! Teach the Future community members from Finland have already been working hard last year to promote Futures Day in their country. Otto Tähkäpää, from the Finnish Future School Tulevaisuuspäivä and Laura Pouru from Finland Futures Research Center created ready-made and easy to use methods and materials for: 1. Schools and teachers, 2. Municipalities and local residents, 3. Businesses and workplaces. With help of these materials, anyone can organise their own Futures Day, big or small, official or unofficial. We would like to help make Futures Day an international initiative for everyone and encourage all of you to help promote futures awareness! What to do?

  • Jot down March 1st in your calendar if you want to participate.

  • The Finnish materials will be made available in English thanks to the FFRC for you to use and set-up your own initiative.

  • If you would like to help translate the materials into your local language, please let us know via

More info will follow in our next newsletter, so stay tuned. Can't wait because you want to help out or sponsor this initiative? Contact us directly via


World domination at hand? ;)

The Teach the Future community has been expanding rapidly the past year. We have initiated Google Hangout Groups for teachers and have been organizing webinar sessions with coordinators of local hubs. If you want to become an active member and initiate a local hub in your country or region, let us know. The more, the merrier! Also, we are looking for ideas and help on how to organise our network of hubs in the best way. If you have any input or ideas for this, don't hesitate to contact us via

TTF wishes you happy holidays and a healthy 2019!


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