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Stephanie and Nataly last years NGFP-YV Award Winners here is what they have to say...

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

In Yura Warmi we are very happy to have received the NGFP-YV Award but also to find a space to be part of a community of professionals who believe in us young people and encourage innovation for the fight of social causes.

This wonderful opportunity has allowed us to continue our vocation of service in areas of our capital where we lack resources not only economically but also educationally about such important issues as menstruation. We enjoy receiving every thank you, question or just a smile.

Please find enclosed some pictures of just us or a more demonstrative picture of the last place that we visit with Yura Warmi.

Thank you very much for your consideration! Very happy that you make us feel so close to this team.

Learn more and apply for 2023 Next Generation Future Practitioners here.



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