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Reflections from Tia our NGFP-YV 2022 Winner Runner Up

"Firstly, in regards to the Girls for Climate Justice program, we were able to carry out an incredibly fruitful and positive program over 3-days at a school (The Citizens Foundation) back in December. Without a doubt, these were some of the most eye-opening and rewarding 3 days ever; filled with interesting workshops on menstrual hygiene, climate justice, and self-awareness. The main thing that stood out to me though was the community that we left with, and the stories that the girls were sharing, each from unique backgrounds and experiences. We're still in touch and are leading team projects with them and we now hope and plan to take this program up-North to the girls from Hunza's Aga Khan School (the girls from here were online this time round). Truly, there is so much talent and power within all the girls around us and This Is Us is truly beginning to harness that in Pakistan. Thank you for your help in this!" - Tia



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