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MUNDO Debates share about their NGFP-YV winnings

The word is out NGFP-YV Registration is Now Open!

Now let's hear from our past winner Alice & Ruhan and the MUNDO Team!

Hi everyone!

We hope you are all doing well and healthy…

We, the MUNDO team, are here to tell you a bit about what has happened in our lives and the project in the past months.

Well, since winning the NGFP-YV prize last year, a lot has taken place within our organizing team: Alice, Ruhan, Felicia, Gabriel, Ananya and now Deepak and Praveen. But this will not take long, we promise.

The debate championship held in 2021 was finished as a success with about 50 applicants from all over the world! And to end this tournament, a project conducted by a few of the MUNDO debaters took place in the hometown of two participants. With some of the money received from the NGFP-YV award, we could support them to create something real that mattered personally to them. With that, they organized a campaign to donate school supplies to about 100 students in Kallakurichi, India. That was a very rewarding experience for all of us!

Afterwards, our group continued meeting regularly and we added two (super cool) new members to our organizing team.

The help we received from Teach the Future (TTF) was not only related to the award and the money prize, though. Now they are our true partners for building MUNDO and reaching other goals we have. This year, the intent is to expand the debates to schools, creating connections around the world into a true web of discussions involving different students worldwide.

Alice and Ruhan, have been both on the run to graduate from their final year of high school with busy schedules. But even with that, our team is very much united and striving to build something unique and meaningful not only for us but for others.

We continue working regularly, and hope you will soon receive some news about what are the next steps for the project, and even be able to take part in it if interested.

We are really grateful to TTF and everyone that donated a bit of their time or energy to support us! Hopefully, we will be able to keep having new ideas and spreading our love for debating.

Kind regards from the MUNDO team.

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