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The NGFP Winners

Teach the Future is proud to announce the winners in the inaugural SOIF Next Generation Foresight Practitioners – Young Voices Award competition.

Curious, innovative, and empathetic youngsters between 12-17-years old were invited to apply by submitting a short video and essay about their community-based projects, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

We know that many young people are doing great things to create a better world and future and we recognise and celebrate their efforts. There are many young people around the world showing tremendous insight into the world around them, and the challenges faced by their communities. They are taking action and leading the way to change and create a more sustainable world. 

Congratulations to our top 10!

Alice, from Brazil, wins the $1,000 top prize. 

Amna from Pakistan, Arjun and his teammate Om from India, and Daniele and her teammates, Maria and Spiros from Singapore win the $500 runner up prizes. 

The following six applicants are acknowledged for the excellent work:

Marina from Brazil, Andres from Colombia, Deona from USA, Laila from USA, Thaina from Brazil, and Aishwarya from USA. 

We look forward to working with all our applicants and winners and helping them to create the change they envision in the world. 





Alice is passionate about education, music, theatre, and debate. She actively participates in innovative educational projects and activism. She is one of the founders of the international debate championship MUNDO, an international online debate championship for youth, focusing on solutions to contemporary global challenges.




Daniele and her global team are focused on building a sustainable world. Their team pulls from their different passions (drama, technology, and science) to create their ECO º HEROES video series. The videos are intended to contribute towards kids’ understanding of what climate change is, why we should work together to fight it, and how we can take steps to reverse global warming.




Amna is founder of Global Creative Hub, international speaker, STEM enthusiast, and an advocate for girls' education and mental health. To give back to her community, she launched Global Creative Hub, a social development initiative that aims to make every Pakistani girl capable for the future of work. She is currently developing a mental health app for teens and is also the youngest Pakistani to host an international female-only hackathon.




Arjun and Om have co-founded the non-profit organisation 'Constructing Pathways' This is an organisation centred around helping Persons with Disabilities (PwD) by upskilling their communication and helping them secure jobs. Our team is paving the way for a more equal and inclusive world. Our vision for this project transgresses one home, one city, or one country. We hope to transform this project into a movement where youth from all over the world can help PwD in their respective communities.

The following six applicants are acknowledged for the excellent work



Marina has a deep interest in climate and environmental sustainability, with a special focus on intersectional education and global studies.

She co-founded the Schools for Future project. The goal is to talk about the climate crisis, the youth mobilization, and explain everything in a less scientific and more intersectional and accessible way, making students think critically for themselves, ensuring that understanding about this pressing issue is no longer a privilege.



Andrés, a junior member of the World Futures Studies Federation. He is passionate about future studies, caring for the environment, and educating other youth. His belief is that the future can be built and made better, since there is a lot of inequality and suffering. To best reach other youth, he utilizes streaming to help educate and create a better future for all. His project will be called "Debates on the Future " intended to garner an audience of youth and foresight experts talking about how to think about our expectations, take care of nature, and improve economic systems.



Deona is a coach and competitor in Future Problem-Solving Program International, as well as a Teach the Future Youth Intern. She is consistently improving upon her skills and knowledge in leadership, futures thinking, and problem-solving. Her belief is that shifting our ways of thinking about the future will help us face uncertainty and issues that are threatening our planet and its people. Her project SolvinGenerations, will allow global, intergenerational collaboration between everyday citizens, field professionals, and foresight experts to solve some of the world’s leading issues.



Laila, a multimedia Afro-Arab artist, views art as a means of detangling the complexity of intersectionality while in turn giving space for other creatives of color. She designed a course called “IN COLOR: Unpacking the Need for Radicalism through the lived experiences of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC)” which challenges Eurocentric curriculum and tone-deaf anti-racist curriculum by centering BIPOC voice in relation to their oppression, culture, and joy.



Thainá has always looked out for possible ways to challenge assumptions and create change. She volunteers weekly to help educate youth about Sex education. To resolve the lack of Sex Ed available in Brazil her project aims to decrease the number of teenage pregnancies and to empower and educate the younger generations.



Aishwarya believes that it is our responsibility to give back to our community, whether it is senior citizens, children with special needs, or the homeless with small acts of kindness. She volunteers at local homeless shelters, leads food and clothing drives, teaches math and dance lessons to underprivileged and special needs children. Her project focuses on bridging the gap between rural and urban health care and special needs education. She founded Creative-mindz to foster creativity and curiosity in special needs children.

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