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Journal of Futures Studies

Call for Papers: What do our Futures look like?

Journal of Futures Studies: What do our futures look like?

The Opportunity in Detail

There is increasing interest in involving youth in futures work and many notable organisations are supporting young people to contribute in this space. A number of young people have shown an interest in research and support to write as an introduction to possible academic pursuits of futures studies. The Journal for Futures Studies would like to support the development in this space without duplicating the programs and fellowships that are already available. Submissions are now open to contribute to a special JFS issue focusing on youth views through reflections, essays or academic articles.

This special issue features this generational shift providing a space to the young, emerging futurists (under 35 years old) to share their insights, thoughts, and new perspectives in understanding and working with futures. Futures Studies is a young discipline itself in comparison with the others. The field is evolving and becoming, and we are very keen to hear those stories of growth and changes from the first hands of young practitioners. These personal contemplations could be submitted as essays and extensive research on a variety of topics that demonstrate critical reflection and use of futures methodologies.

Deadlines and Expected time frame

  • June 15 – register your initial interest – form link here – name, email, the title

  • During the week June 20-25 opportunity to attend an information session with the guest editors to find out more and to decide whether to proceed.

  • June 30, 2023 – Submission Stage 1 – Register your initial statement of interest. This simply requires the following information – suggested title, your name, email contact, affiliation, 300-400 words summarising main idea and findings.

  • July 14, 2023 We will let you know whether your submission has been accepted. Submissions are to be made through JFS online complying with the guidelines provided by the Journal of Futures Studies.

  • During the week July 17-21 initial online meeting.

  • During the week September 11 – 16 final meeting.

  • July – NovemberSubmission Stage 2 – Writing with online mentoring support from guest editors. Opportunities to connect with others completing an essay or academic article. Peer sharing and support meetings

  • November 15, 2023 – submission of full papers

To read the full article in detail please visit: Journal of Futures Studies



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