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How do you prepare for a complex and rapidly changing world and its major societal challenges? Futurotopia offers you insighs during a three-day event between October 3 and 5 in Kortrijk Xpo (Belgium).

👉 CELEBRATE THE FUTURES: Now more than ever it is necessary to look to the future. This encompasses so much more than social trends and technological innovations. With Futurotopia we reflect on future challenges and provide you with tools to build a more sustainable future! During the opening night on Tuesday evening, Oct. 3 we not only launch our book, but also our documentary! Moreover, Prof. Dr. Peter Bishop will inspire our audience with an inspiring keynote on the importance of futures thinking!

👉 TEACH THE FUTURES: How do we prepare youngsters for a future that does not yet exist? Wednesday, October 3 we are dedicating a full day to future literacy in education!

👉 UNDERSTAND THE FUTURES: How to use the future as an organization to make better decisions in the present? Thursday, Oct. 5, we'll organize our free master class strategic foresight!

Our website is only available in Dutch, but Google Translate offers a solution for that! ;)



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