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December SOIF Alumni Event Recap :)

The recent School of International Futures (SOIF) alumni and friends event came and went. Being in a space full of people working across sectors to confront uncertainty and create change through foresight, is what helps me stay energized in complex times. Grateful for this special community!

One highlight was hearing from Sophie Howe, the inaugural Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. She shared inspiring examples of how she’s developing a wellbeing and futures network, getting cross-sector partners to embed long-term and intergenerational thinking in decisions today. Her call to action “to keep visioning a better future”

I attended the “Intergenerational Fairness” discussion, led by Darja Vrščaj. Introducing Intergenerational Fairness Framework, demonstrating how we can apply its principles to policy decisions. As we examined case studies, the room discussed approaches to balance priorities across generations. It was insightful to consider issues like climate change and automation AI through an intergenerational lens.The conversation left me reflecting on how today’s youth will inherit the systems we design. It’s on all of us to consult the next generation and weigh how each choice may impact their future. Darja’s tool can foster that mindset shift.

Capping off the evening, writer and performer Dorphan grounded us with his poetry and music about the human struggle. His words lifted up the disenfranchised and reminded us why this future-facing work matters: to ensure dignity for all. His refrain, “the only way out is through each other,” reinforced this special community where we gain courage to go forth.

Can’t wait for the next gathering with my fellow future-shapers!



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