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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Teach the Future is expanding the global network of advocators to Peru! Maria Gabriela García López is the enthusiastic Peruvian hub coordinator. Read on to get to know her and her plans to get futures thinking into Peruvian classrooms.

Gabriela García

Who are you?

I’m Gabriela García, Peruvian, mother of two children: Miranda (6 years) and Micah (8 months). My major is Food Engineering and I have a master's degree in Innovation and Policy Management and Technology in Peru. My first approach to foresight studies was at the university and from that moment, working together with a team of friends and partners, I have designed spaces of intervention for the dissemination of future thinking for young people and adults in my country. Currently I am the Innovation Manager of ProjectA+, a Peruvian company specialized in future studies and capacity building in foresight, intelligence and innovation, focused mainly on the agribusiness, food, environment and energy sectors.

Why did you want to be involved with TTF?

Today, prospective and future thinking in Peru continue to be considered academic spaces mainly, aimed to small groups of experts. Their diffusion and practice have not yet been achieved in young people, entrepreneurs and much less in basic education students. However, it is precisely children, adolescents and young people who are building the future, from now. For this reason, it is necessary and urgent that they have the necessary tools, not only to better face the future, but to build it and make the necessary changes that our country needs. In my opinion Teach The Future is a fundamental piece in the process of strengthening critical and creative thinking for the construction of the future starting from school.

Gabriela with the coordinating team of "BioAgriFood 2018" and the team of young volunteers.

What are your dreams for the Peru hub?

My dream for TTF Peru Hub is to be recognized as a space from which alternatives for desirable and disruptive futures are designed and proposed for the country from the youngest; and that they are also taken into account in the decision-making sphere at the local, regional and national level.

What are the first concrete activities or actions you will take?

In this first stage we seek to disseminate the TTF Peru Hub and at the same time to connect with different stakeholders and invite them to join this initiative. Therefore, we have two specific activities that are being developed: The first one, aimed to gather actors from the education sector that will allows us to identify key elements of our intervention, as well as challenges to be taken into account by the Hub. The participation of the public, private and third sector in this activity is expected. The second one is the development of an audiovisual program that will allow to spread TTF in Peru in a simple, dynamic and clear way.

We are happy to have you on board Gabriela!

Want to join the hub in Peru?

Are you living in Peru and want to join forces with Gabriela and get futures thinking into Peruvian classrooms? Feel free to send an email.



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