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Empowering Young Changemakers: Highlights from the 2023 NGFP-YV Awards Report

The Next Generation Foresight Practitioner-Young Voices (NGFP-YV) Awards aims to amplify youth voices pursuing future-focused projects worldwide. For the third year, Teach the Future has collaborated with the School of International Futures to offer these awards to young leaders ages 12-17.

The recently released 2023 NGFP-YV Awards report provides an in-depth analysis of this year's applicants, judging process, award results, and key learnings. Here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Significant growth: Over 450 youth from 40+ countries registered this year, up from 131 registrants in 2021. The applicant pool has expanded rapidly.

  • High completion rates: Despite the spike in registrants, completion rates remained steady around 19%, resulting in 84 completed applications.

  • Global solutions: Applicants brought diverse solutions spanning social, economic, and environmental topics like education, sustainability, technology, health, and more.

  • Quality education and climate action: These were the most commonly selected UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), indicating youth view education and environment as top priorities.

  • Multifaceted approaches: Winning projects focused on sustainability, partnerships, inclusion and accessibility, signalling more holistic thinking.

  • Wider range of issues: New topics like food security, mental health, climate justice emerged, showing expanded areas of concern.

  • Local to global: Projects balanced local community insights with applying solutions at a broader scale.

  • Embodiment of futures thinking: Judges emphasized how applicants' passion and embodiment of foresight gives hope for the future.

The NGFP-YV Awards effectively foster youth leadership in strategic foresight. Enhancing support for finalists and expanding criteria could further strengthen impact. Overall, the high quality of submissions proves young generations have the vision and proactive spirit to create positive change.

Read the full 2023 NGFP-YV Awards Report here to learn more about these inspiring young leaders using foresight to build a better future. Download full report here:



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