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A fine Day with ThinkGlobalSchool in İstanbul

Think Global School ( is a new age School and the Managing Director Russell Cailey met Peter in Dubai. Class of 2022 was going to spend 8 weeks in Türkiye, so Peter introduced Russell to Türkiye Hub to welcome them while they arrived in İstanbul.

Think Global School is the world's first traveling high school. Learning at TGS is student-centered and project based. We wanted to explore the opportunity whether they would insert the Futures Class Program which we do in İstanbul into their Curriculum, hence, also cooperate with other TTF Global Hubs whenever they travel to a country where a Hub is present.

It was unfortunately not possible to find a slot in their Curriculum and Schedule, everything was already planned, programmed and scheduled for the whole year. They travel to ten countries on different timelines, spend 8 weeks in each country. In Türkiye they visited 5 cities in 5 different regions.

Therefore, the only chance we had to get together was their the Event on November 29,2022in a fine EventHall where they celebrated with a Closing Ceremony. We were invited and had a chance to meet with the Students and the Managers.

I had the pleasure to meet with Adnan Mackovic ,the CM1 Principal and Sam Abidoye, the Lead Educator.

They have hosted me in my host city :) with their hospitality throughout the Event and I had a chance to chat with some of the students about their precious projects. We, again brought up the subject that they should consider the Futures Class Program in their Curriculum, and their intention was to discuss with the Leadership when they are back in NY.

The Party went on for about two hours, guest, parents, friends and students had an unforgetable afternoon in İstanbul. TGS's plan is to come to İstanbul in 2024 again.

So, thank you Peter for introducing TGS to us, thanks to Russell to connect us with their Principals. All the best on their journey...



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