A Tomorrowland is an open, inspirational, safe space for praxis – physical or virtual – where youths co-imagine radical, preferred futures, produce cultural artefacts of their envisioned futures, and sustainably act on identified projects of interest.

Tomorrowlands is funded by the 2022 NGFP Impact awards to pilot projects in Bangladesh, Brazil, UK, Australia and the Netherlands. The Tomorrowlands project is led by NGFP fellows Shakil Ahmed, Erica Bol, Rodrigo Mendes, Finn Strivens and Ana Tiquia.

Tomorrowlands Community Meet is an open invitation to foresight and futures practitioners working, or interested in working with young people to articulate, explore, and generate pathways towards desired futures.

This quarterly series of talks, workshops, and participatory sessions aims to build a community of practice through sharing of outcomes and learnings from youth-centred projects globally.

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