Who We Are



Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop is founder and Executive Director of Teach the Future. He led the University of Houston Master's in Foresight program for 30 years and wrote Teaching About the Future with his colleague Andy Hines.


erica bol

Erica Bol is Director of Teach the Future Europe. She is a conscious innovation and futures consultant that helps clients and young people envision more sustainable futures.

Jim Lee

Jim Lee is Treasurer of Teach the Future and founder of Strategic Foresight Investments. Jim has a master's degree in Studies of the Future from University of Houston-Clear Lake and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Sometimes when we think of amazing plans, we get stuck on thinking [about] the quick solutions and things that will benefit us in the short run. Things don’t ever go the way they’re supposed to.
— high school student reflecting on a Teach the Future workshop