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Thomas D'hooge holds a Master's degree in Communication Sciences (Ghent University, Belgium) and is currently a lecturer at VIVES University of Applied Sciences.

He teaches courses on emerging technologies and futures thinking alongside guiding and mentoring student projects. Before joining VIVES and Erasmus Brussels University, Thomas acquired more than ten years of experience in consultancy, with a focus on digital strategy and marketing.

In 2014, he founded Wonderland, one of the first agencies in Belgium focused on digital transformation. Throughout his career, Thomas' ideas and realisations have been shaped and influenced by design thinking, lean startup, creative problem-solving and trend analysis. Having worked both in industry and academia, Thomas blends conceptual work and theories with practice-oriented thinking while striving for sustainable outcomes that can have a societal impact.

Accordingly, Thomas co-founded the Belgian hub 'Teach The Future' and has gathered like-minded people from all over the globe to pursue his plan of developing a Museum of Futures.

Thomas D'hooge

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