We teach the future as we do the past.


One of our only certainties about the future is that today’s young people will live in it. Shouldn’t we teach them to think about what it might be like and how they might want to shape it?

by Teaching the future, you can...

  • Empower students to envision a preferred future and to develop agency to bring it about
  • Engage students in projects that motivate them to learn
  • Teach students to navigate complex challenges and change
  • Develop students' higher order thinking skills, such as research, analysis, creativity, critical thinking, evaluation, synthesis and communication.
  • Be a part of an innovative educational movement  with other interesting and creative educators.

For nearly a half century, academic and corporate training programs have successfully taught adults to think about and take action for the future. Now, Teach the Future brings those decades of experience to schools, teachers, and students.



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