Who We Are

Teach the Future is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing foresight and futures thinking to schools and students around the world. We believe that young people of any age can learn to think critically and creatively about the future and develop the agency to influence it. Our team consists of leading educators and thought leaders in the futures community.

What We Do

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We design and facilitate professional development for educators and workshops for students that introduce them to the concepts and tools of foresight. We also provide access to free teaching materials and support for educators who use the material or schools ready to incorporate foresight into their curriculum.

Why We Do It

We know that hope for the future is a primary predictor of success, but schools offer few practical tools to help students make sense of change or to explore their role in shaping the future. By teaching the future, you can engage students in thinking and projects that motivate them to learn, equip students to face uncertainty and challenge, empower them to envision a preferred future, and develop agency to bring it about. Get started here.

Most Recent Blogs

We should think about possible futures because we are the next leaders of the future. We need to know the possibilities of what could happen.
— high school student reflecting on a Teach the Future workshop