We believe that students of any age can learn to think critically and creatively about the future and develop the agency to influence it.


  • Free teaching materials and support for educators who want to Teach the Future
  • Professional development for educators and student workshops
  • The Futures Thinking Playbook, a guided workbook for students to introduce them to futures thinking
  • Support for administrators and leaders ready to incorporate futures thinking into their districts and schools
  • A community of like-minded educators who want to learn more about teaching the future

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By giving young people the tools to engage with the future early in life, we are equipping them to face uncertainties and challenges and helping them discover their role in shaping the future. Education is meant to prepare students for the future, something we can only do well if we teach the future itself.

I believe every student should learn how to see...implications for the future. It would not only help make the future a better place but also help people make better decisions in their lives.
— 8th grade student reflecting on a Teach the Future unit of study