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What the Foresight

Alida Draudt, Julia Rose West

The full title of this marvelous book is What the Foresight: Your personal futures explored. Defy the expected and define the preferred. It's a workbook for personal futures, a branch of futures studies that applies the concepts and processes for anticipating and influencing futures in the world to one's personal future. Again written for adults, but it serves young people just as well.

"Designers, futurists, and innovators of all kind often apply the long view toward businesses and the world at large; but how often do we apply this perspective to our personal lives? Alida Draudt and Julia Rose West have taken the complex tools of foresight and distilled them to their simplest forms in order to tackle this challenge. Together they have written a workbook that focuses on ten-minute mini workshops around personal futures – introducing not only foresight, but the idea of multiple potential futures to the realm of the individual. This workbook will give you a few tools to shift the long view from business-oriented to highly personal." -- From Amazon


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