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YV Spotlight - MUNDO Debates

MUNDO is an international organization which provides debate programmes with discussions based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Being a multicultural student-led initiative, it is a place for youth to share their voices, build interactions between the diverse cultures of the world and create connections while searching for viable solutions to several global challenges.

Our vision:

As youth, it is vital for us to understand the various and diverse challenges we face, both as individuals and as communities. The MUNDO team believes that through dialogue we not only recognize these issues, but also act as advocates for change in today's society.

That is why we believe that young people should be given decision making capacity in important discussions. With the help of inter-cultural debate, one of the most effective methods to spark meaningful dialogue, we are empowered with the ability to broaden our horizons, improve our public speech and argumentation, and seek and implement solutions to larger global issues in local and even global contexts.

It is therefore our vision to enable young people around the world to experience fruitful debate. Belonging to an international community of changemakers, we educate ourselves about the multi-faceted challenges we face and strive to advocate for concrete action to tackle them.