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What do you want the future to look like in 2050?

Your voice matters. Have your say!

If you ask your grandparents, they will tell you the world looked way different back then. So, there's a big chance the world will also look very different in the future. New inventions, developments and issues arise. How will they affect our future? Imagine you're a reporter in 2050 reporting on what is happening in the ideal world. You can discuss any topic you feel will be important then. What has happened to the environment? Are countries still the same? Has technology drastically changed people's lives?

Once you have completed the form check out your story in the Futures Times Newspaper below. We are publishing (refreshing) every 3 hours

Spark you curiosity! Fuel your imagination! Design your reality!


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In a rapidly evolving world it is essential to learn how to deal with uncertain and ever-changing futures. Let’s prepare our next generations with these skills in the classroom!

Our aspiration is that every student is prepared to navigate an uncertain world and has the agency to imagine and create their preferred future.

Our mission is to teach futures-thinking skills to students and educators around the world and to inspire them to influence their futures.

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