As a non-profit organisation, we conduct workshops for diverse audiences and students from paying and non-paying schools. Our facilitators are professionally trained, and the majority are qualified foresight practitioners. Partners and donors make it possible for us to continue with our mission across the world. Partners and donors are credited on all platforms and in countries around the world.​​

Partners and donors receive:

  • Acknowledgement of all contributions

  • Corporate logo (and live links) on our website and social media platforms

  • Social media posts containing your logo (and links)

  • Unlimited participation on our community platforms

  • Annual report on all activities undertaken with contributions

  • Tax certificates for all qualifying donations

  • Contributions are utilised for workshops and operational costs


About 1,500 children will attend a futures-thinking workshop with an R500,000* donation

About 750 children will attend a futures-thinking workshop with an R250,000* donation

About 375 children will attend a futures-thinking workshop with an R125,000* donation


*All rates exclude venue, transportation, refreshments and audiovisual equipment - these are
arranged by event.


Non-Profit Details:

Non-Profit Company Registration: 2019 / 208637 / 08

Department of Social Development Non-Profit Organisation registration: 229-842


SARS PBO Registration: Tax Exemption in terms of section 10(1)(cN) of the Act effect from 26 April 2019​​