Future Consciousness Test

A collaboration to better understand the concept of Futures Consciousness.

ABOUT FUTURES CONSIOUSNESS There is no commonly used, operational definition of future consciousness that could be used in empirical futures research.

  • Future consciousness overlaps with many other related concepts, such as future orientation and anticipation.

  • Our review and analysis of these concepts identifies five different dimensions that are central to future consciousness.

  • The resulting model is called the Five Dimensions of Futures Consciousness.

  • The dimensions are:

  • time perspective,

  • agency beliefs,

  • openness to alternatives,

  • systems perception,

  • concern for others.

We've published an article: The Five Dimensions of Futures Consciousness on April 19th 2018 on the topic.

Ahvenharju et al 2018 Five dimensions of futures consciousness Futures vol 104
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In this project Teach the Future collaborates with University of Turku in Finland, the Finland Futures Research Centre and Digital Futures.

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