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Join date: Jan 17, 2022


Hi Teach the Future community! So happy to be working alongside Glen Lombard and the entire community on the Canadian Hub.

A bit about me: I am is a spirited advocate for the critical and dutiful role designers must play in creating a world that contributes to the flourishing of all life. My industrial design education (Carleton University and University of South Australia) oriented me towards understanding the needs of people in the context of their lives. The experience changed my worldview forever. Combined with child-like wonder for the natural world and ever-evolving understanding of human behaviour, I love getting lost in how the world works, what makes people tick, and the interdependent relationships between all things. Today, the outcomes of my work often amount to program, service and system innovation rather than physical products. I put my energy toward projects aimed at long-term, positive socio-ecological impact rooted in thorough design research.

When I'm not tackling projects with Unless Design Partners, I spend time tinkering at the cottage, playing drums and wrangling kids as an honorary uncle and partner.

Please don't hesitate to reach out here or through email at


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    Great! You’ve made the first step on the journey to become a Futures champion!

Patrick Boot

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