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Reading Development

“Psychological Mechanisms of Forming the Skill of Reading and Comprehension of the Text” is a system of psychologist Henrietta Granik, which helps to form the “ideal reader”. Here are its main principles: Be attentive to the word Be able to enter into a dialogue with the text Have an active imagination Be able to see three levels of information in the text: move from facts and images to the language of thought When we talk about how important it is to understand the text, read it and create it, we must not forget that understanding is closely related to thinking. And we can look at our thoughts if we write written works. To do this, you can use and you can look at the processes of understanding from different angles. The vision that psychology offers allows you to discover new paths to understanding the text and working with it. True or False: The Practice of Critical Thinking Pupils are happy to go to the lesson when they understand why they need it, how in later life what they do at school will be useful. If they understand what they are writing for, then using this link you can help children with writing and it will help them realize the importance of writing papers. To do this, teachers need to be aware of what future they are preparing these children for. The relationship between analytical and critical thinking and the ability to form judgments and make adequate decisions is absolutely direct.There are quite a lot of various manipulation techniques in the world, and if we do not teach children critical thinking, an adequate assessment of information, then the judgments that our students will form may turn out to be false and even dangerous. Therefore, it is important to be able to analyze what students think about. To help with this, there is a best resume editing service that effectively helps to analyze the material. In this way, you can adequately evaluate your thoughts and correctly write a written work. The key factor that we must teach children in the humanities is understanding someone else's text and creating our own. In both situations, these texts can be not only educational, but also taken from a variety of media related to the student's life. In the information flows in which we all exist today, it is very important to distinguish between fake and truth. It is especially interesting to take fresh texts that may appear even on the eve of the lesson. There are many ways to work with fakes, but I will show one example.

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