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UNGP & SOIF Presents Inclusive and Diverse Futures

Teach the Future attended the thematic session on "How to Achieve Inclusive and Diverse Futures and Foresight: Ethical and Decolonial Perspectives" hosted today on Thursday, 30th March at 12-2pm GMT, by SOIF and UNGP.


The first hour of the event served as discussions from the panel, and the second hour a workshop format. The event was held via Zoom


Included Iman Bashir, Roumiana Gotseva, Shakil Ahmed, and Nour Batyne, who shared their experiences on promoting inclusive and decolonial futures. We participated in conversations and activities on how to best promote a plurality of perspectives and experiences, prioritize equity and inclusion, foster collaboration and dialogue, and embrace uncertainty and change.

Thank you for hosting this insightful interactive event and we look forward to the many more actions and conversations yet to come!



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