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The Peru HUB is bringing futures thinking to Native Communities in the Amazon Jungle

Shipibo Conibo community of Shawan Rama

On November 12, we had our first local face-to-face intervention with the boys and girls of the Shipibo Conibo community of Shawan Rama with a Workshop called "A desired future for our community" who had Yazmin Yupanqui as a workshop leader from Teach the Future Peru.

On this occasion, thanks to the invitation of Killa Vive Verde, through its educational program "Saving Yacu".

The workshop had the participation of around 21 boys and girls from the community and its main objective was to talk about the personal future and that of their community, as well as to identify, together, the different perspectives that the future can have.

Yanesha Community of Lomalinda

On November 13 and 14, we continued with our local intervention aimed at children and adolescents from the Yanesha de Lomalinda community, located in the Pasco Jungle. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to give two workshops on thinking about the future, in which around 22 children and 23 adolescents participated.

In both workshops two different dynamics were worked, which allowed children and adolescents to travel in time and imagine the future.

Likewise, the 4 future thinking profiles that we work on the Teach The Future Playbook (the observer, the navigator, the explorer and the mapmakers) were presented, after which each boy and girl identified themselves with a specific profile. The dynamic also helped to reflect on the importance of teamwork for building the future and that each profile has a relevant role in the process.

Different dynamics were worked on that encouraged the boys and girls to look to the future with hope, as well as motivating them to be agents of change in their school, home, and community.

Thanks again to Killa Verde and his program Salvando a Yacu and Yazmin Yupanqui for directing both workshops.

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