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The NGFP-YV Awards are Underway

This is the third year that we are partnering with School of International Futures (SOIF) in running the Next Generation Foresight Practitioner - Young Voices Awards (NGFP-YV), recognizing the next generation's endeavors in shaping the future. The awards seek to support and nurture a diverse and global group of young futures thinkers who are shaping the future of their communities and the field.

Award Updates & Numbers at a glance:

  • 450 youth registered

  • 71 applications passed to the judging round

  • 84% passed to judging round

  • 57 countries participated

  • 37% Asia being the largest region of participants followed by 32% Middle East and North Africa

  • Top SDG’s 11 and 13

What are the the Youth Applicants saying:

“Eager to successfully submit the application and become an ambassador for the future.”

- 17 year old youth applicant from India

“It is not important for us to win it is important for us to show our final efforts to bring these changes into our society to be close to humanity feel and motivation”

- 17 year old from Afghanistan

“I want to turn my ideas into action and support others to do the same and this will be what we called a ripple effect”

-15 year old from Morocco

What is being awarded: Young Voices Awards and Recognition

The Young Voices award aims to showcase the voices of our youth (12–17-year-olds). The first-place winner will receive a USD $1000 prize to help realize their future-focused project and catapult their idea into action. Three others will each receive a USD $500 prize. Six top finalists will also be recognized for their ideas and efforts.

*With the rise in applications this year we are adding 17 honorable mentions as recognized for their ideas and efforts working towards a specific SDG.

The spirit of the awards

The Awards seek to foster connections and collaborations between pockets of innovative practice. The world is changing and as it does, we need new sources of inspiration and innovation. Change will come from many arenas and peoples. It will come from a new generation, Millennials and Generation Z, with new aspirations and values. But equally from under-represented geographies, with growing foresight practices in Africa and Asia; with fresh ideas and approaches from across civil society, business and creative industries.

The qualities we are looking for are curiosity about the changing world and the people around them. There’s interest in translating future-focussed ideas into action in service to their community. Young Voices applicants have a willingness to become an ambassador for futures and for sustainability


The awards, programme, and Young Voices Network (YVN) exist to provide a platform for diverse youth voices to learn and have access to futures thinking and practice. The YVN long-term ambition is to empower every young person to take the lead and work towards building a better future for themselves, their families, communities and beyond.


We are also grateful to those who have funded or supported Teach the Future Young Voices Projects, with a big thank you to World Affairs Council Sonoma County, Imaginar Futuros, UNESCO Chair on Futures Research, Future Problem Solving International, Universidad EATFIT, Think Tank Strategy Advisory, Michael Spink, Catherine Cosgrove, and especially Michele Chaboudy who has supported the awards since their launch.

If you would be interested in getting involved or finding out more, then please get in touch.

What happens next?

The Awards Judging window takes place now till late August

Selected Winners, Runner-ups, and honourable mentions will be notified in early September along with the NGFP Fellowship

What happens to those who apply but do not receive an award?

All eligible applicants for the Young Voices awards will be invited to join the Young Voices Network.

Our MISSION is to cultivate a community of young voices by providing a space & platform where we can share ideas & collaborate on projects that consider the well-being of others, the future and the planet.

The benefits of joining the network are outlined on our website here:

Also check out FAQs on the bottom of the network page.

Questions, contact us:

Best wishes,

Lisa G.



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