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Teacher training in Turkey

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

To get futures thinking into classrooms it is vital that teachers are equipped with futures thinking skills so they can teach their students to imagine the future. That’s why we offer teacher training at Teach the Future.

Peter Bishop, founder of Teach the Future, has recently completed a teacher training at GEN Koleji, a K-12 private school in Istanbul.

A team of three people associated with the Turkish Futurists Association (Mustafa Aykut, Chair of the Association; Kamil Kazim Sari, a Board member of the Association, and Sevinc Ersen Boy, another Board member and the principal of the school) approached Teach the Future in 2020. Their goal was to teach foresight classes to the 5th and 9th grades during the Spring semester in 2021.

We developed a made-to-measure training program, that included:

// An introductory video for parents at the start of school in August. In this video Peter Bishop described the reasons for teaching the future, and the plan that he and the team had developed.

// A two-hour online introductory session for teachers in October, describing again the rationale for teaching the future and the basic ideas to be taught.

// Five follow-up sessions of two hours each with the team and 10 teachers in December and January, using the Futures Thinking Playbook as the basis for their classes.

The Turkish teachers have created lessons based on the Playbook and have started teaching about futures since February 2021. We will share the results later on in the year.

Do you also want your school and your teachers to get a teacher training? You can drop us a line to get more information.


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