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Teach the Future Global Türkiye Hub Presentation

Kazim Sari, January 2023

Recording link Click here Passcode: Y4bT+*d@

June/July 2020 Brainstorming on “ Gelecek Bilgisi K12” Program and Road Map

August 2020 Train The Trainer ( Teach The Teacher ) Program Preparations The Play Book’s translation in Turkish

October 2020 TTT Program kick off

January 2021 Teachers feedback on TTT Program and Workshop for “ In-Class Activities”

February 2021 “ Gelecek Bilgisi” (Futures Studies) Program started as a Pilot Program in 2020-2021 academic year, will rerun to 5th ,6th and 9th ,10th

Grade students at Ataşehir, Bakırköy and Diyarbakır campuses next year.

The Schedule for Classes are as follows

Campus Class Teacher Day HoursGEN Koleji Ataşehir 5-A Serpil Bilbaşar Bars Wednesday 11.15-11.50GEN Koleji Ataşehir 5-B Duygu Reçber Wednesday 10.25-11.00GEN Koleji Bakırköy 5-A Ahmet Karıksız Wednesday 11.15-11.50GEN Koleji Bakırköy 9-A Meltem Meto Wednesday 12.20-12.55

March 2021

Teach the Future

Blog, GEN Koleji

P Bishop, 3/14/22

GEN Koleji is a network of private K-12 schools in Istanbul, Turkey. This school is one of the first to institutionalize futures thinking as part of its regular curriculum. Some teachers teach foresight mostly in college because they have discretion compared to K-12 teachers. Even at that, few institutions, K-12 or college, have adopted futures thinking as a regular part of their curriculum. But after one year, GEN Koleji has done just that.

The school started its journey to include futures in their curriculum in December 2020. Teach the Future offered training on teaching futures to a half dozen teachers, four of whom taught foresight to the 5th grade in the Spring semester of 2021. They used the Futures Thinking Playbook.

They got through only half of it given the difficulty of teaching online last year so they are going to finish the Playbook this semester. What is more, the school held a professional development conference during the break between semesters. All the teachers attended a session on foresight taught by members of the Turkish Futures Association, and most of them opted for a second session taught by the teachers from last year. The evaluations of those sessions were rated overall at 4.5 on a 5-point scale. Now they are going to teach more than 170 students in the 5th, 6th, 9th, and 10th grades this semester.

That’s what institutionalizing futures thinking looks like.

Congratulations to our colleagues in Istanbul –

• Mustafa Aykut, Chair, Turkish Futures Association Advisory Board

• Kamil Kazım Sarı, Vice Presdient, Turkish Futures Association

• Sevinç Boy, Owner and Principal, GEN Koleji Schools

Thank you. You are setting the example that many schools will follow.

September 2022 GEN Schools Student İnci Selen has competed in NGFP-YV Dr. Mustafa Aykut and Kazim Sari were among the NGFP-YV Judges.

November 2022 Think Global School CM1 has invited TTF Global Türkiye Hub to their Showcase to celebrate the projects that the traveling students have been working on. Kazim Sari had a chance to attend and deliver a short keynote on “ Gelecek Bilgisi ”.

December 2022 Sezin (Okulları) Schools , who had established the first Futurism Club in their schools in 2009 with the support of the Futurists Association, hosted the 14th. Futures Scenarios Contest with participation of a group of K12 Schools. Kazim Sari was the keynote speaker on “ Gelecek Bilgisi” and one of the Jurors of the Contest.

December 2022 The number of “ Future Teens ” and “ Future Teachers ” in 3 years with the “ Gelecek Bilgisi ” Class at GEN College have summed as : 2020-2021 56 students 4 teachers 2021-2022 172 students 9 teachers 2022-2023 301 students 9 teachers

January 2023 TED Okulları, founded in 1928 under the guidance of the great leader Atatürk and the founders of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Education Association is the first and pioneering civil society organization in education. Ted Facilities consist of 40 schools hosting about 80.000 students, alumni associations, sports clubs and symphony orchestra.TED University started to admit its first students in September 2012 to the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, the English Language School and Basic Sciences Unit. The President of TED has reached out for Dr. Mustafa Aykut and expressed his desire to explore “ Gelecek Bilgisi” Program and discuss further on possible collaboration.

January 2023 Dr. Mustafa Aykut has recruited Ebru Kılıç. a 5th Grade Student at GEN Schools, who has shown a deep concern for the space junk (?) and is highly motivated to advance in related research and studies. Burayı sen doldurulursan daha iyi tarif olurdu :) teşekkürler

2023 Dr. Mustafa Aykut shall give an interview about “ Gelecek Bilgisi “ Program to Anadolu Ajansı ( Anadolu Agency). The will go on air

worldwide in 13 Languages Anadolu Agency is the official news agency of the Republic of Turkey. It was founded in Ankara on April 6, 1920 by Halide Edip Adıvar and Yunus Nadi, with the order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in order to announce the news about the Turkish War of Independence.

2023 Türkiye HUB strives for the implementation of “ Gelecek Bilgisi” Program in Germany aiming at 15-18 Age Group youth of Turkish

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