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NGFP-YV Q&A Session

Updated: May 3, 2023

Thank you again for joining today's Q&A Session. In case you were unable to join we recorded a video below:

Passcode: GWD&WN23

Here below are all the links to what was discussed:

Here is the website to apply for the awards - Apply Now

Here is the basic criteria we are looking for:

  • Write a short essay (maximum 400 words) on how a current project or an intended project will consider the well-being of others and the future of the planet. Submissions can be in native language but please include an English translation.

  • Create and submit a short video (maximum 2m 30s) about what they would want to do with the Young Voices prize. The video is a pitch addressed to their community persuading them that this project or idea is good or even necessary and giving them reasons for supporting or joining it. Video can be in your native language but please include English subtitles. Please create new and original video and do not upload a news clipping or old video.

  • Indicate which of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) their idea would contribute to.

Here is the website to learn more about the SDGS - Click here

Below are a series of videos and blogs from past winners who share a bit about their project and what they chose to do with their award winnings:

If you have any questions at any time please let us know :)

Best Wishes,



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