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NGFP-YV Awards Registration is Now Open

Hello Teach the Future Community, Young Voices , Our Hubs, Partners & Beyond

Registration for the Next Generation of Foresight Practitioner - Young Voices (NGFP-YV) awards are now open!

Last year, Teach the Future created the NGFP-YV awards exclusively for young people between the ages of 12 to 17 year olds; we received 25 completed individual and team applications and we awarded $2,500 to the top four applications and recognized six others for significant merit.

Teach the Future is delighted to partner with the School of International Futures (SOIF) to manage the competition that recognizes young people in secondary schools (12-17 years of age) who are working for a better world.

Are you a youth between the age of 12-17 and have a project idea on how to create a better future? Get your ideas heard, join a network of foresight professionals, and enter to win a cash prize to realise your project.

We are conducting the same competition this year:

  • The first-place winner will receive a USD $1000 prize to help realize their future-focused project and catapult their idea into action.

  • Three runner ups will each receive a USD $500 prize.

  • Six top finalists will also be recognized for their ideas and efforts

Briefly, entering the competition requires a brief bio, a 400-word essay and a 2m 30s video describing what the young person has done or plans to do to anticipate and create change in their community.

***Applications close on 14 July 2022.

Interested in:

Becoming a named Partner or feeling moved to Sponsor this event click here to fill out partners and sponsors application

Become a Judge: We are looking for judges that would like to participate and help select the best proposals. Judging requires about 6-7 hours total. Judging begins on and around 14 July. Interested candidates can click here to fill out the form.

Send questions and inquiries to

Thank you for your dedication to young people and their futures. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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